Hiding Place


For anyone, male or female, that has endured the pain of being raped, molested, emasculated or bullied into an identity crisis, God is able to heal you completely. Our desire is to move beyond awareness to healing and empowerment by the Word of God. We start in April with weekly online sessions based on the book "Ravaged Relentlessly: Biblical Help for Those Overcoming Sexual Crime."



The format is simplistic:

  1. We meet once a week using, Periscope, conference call and online chat every Wednesday at 9:00 pm EST. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Just listen in and type your questions and comments onto the screen. Your name does not appear when you use the conference call system and it is not a public media link.

  2. We gather periodically for a special time of corporate worship, instruction and reflection, every 4th Saturday at 10:00 am. We will even have special guests from all areas of life to walk with us on this journey, including licensed Christian Counselors, Advocates and Artists. 

  3. We use four books from our SINCERE library: "No Praise In The Grave", "The Prayer Pact", "Think On These Things" and"Ravaged Relentlessly"

  4. We engage in special activities that help us to improve our focus, our health, our prayer life and our witness for Christ. 

  5. We ask that you remain in the program for one year. 

  6. We suggest that you present a donation of any amount each month to honor the Lord.