Please explore this page to find books that will bless you, answer your questions and help you to keep the faith.  Don't allow frustration or confusion to leave you doubting the validity of God's Word.  Let the teachings in these books guide you to a deeper connection to the Lord. 

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No Praise In The Grave

A Testimony of Understanding


We all go through hard times, even Christians.  How do you  handle  it if the answers to prayer are delayed?  “No Praise in the Grave” is a powerful message to help any that find themselves contending with a seemingly unending hardship. 

Think On These Things




A 31 Day Poetic Devotional to strengthen your faith and encourage you.  Use again and again to build your spirit and learn ways to overcome.  A beautiful coffee-table book for your home and makes a thoughtful gift. 

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Ravaged Relentlessly

ISBN-10: 1434339017

Biblical Help For Those Overcoming Sexual Crime


Ravaged Relentlessly is a message to nullify the effects of sexual crime. The Lord knows that most victims won't openly ask for help. With the message He provides, anyone can get the help they need with dignity, leaving their anonymity in place. This is an exhortation for those who truly want healing, not just closure. In this book you will discover: That you are not alone. Answers from the Holy Bible to your secret questions.How to open up to believe for your heart to be healed of brokenness.Direction for how to embrace your true self and enjoy your life again. Encouraging prayers to help strengthen your spirit to believe the Lord God for anything. That God cares about you and wants to help you. Whether you read this book for yourself or for someone you care about, let the words of life inside these pages allow you to understand just how God feels about sexual crime and what He desires to do for you.


ISBN-10: 1467503851

A Guided Journey Out of Singleness


Intended is a written journey out of singleness. It is written to encourage Believers that honestly want to embrace the blessing of marriage. A great message for those that are courting, engaged, widowed, divorced, waiting and serving in the kingdom or just need to be encouraged in their marriage. Hope is powerful, order your copy today.

(Available in English and French)

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The Prayer Pact


The Prayer Pact is a vision guide for group prayer and fasting for 40 days. It follows the format of the Lord's Prayer to help the group pray about every area of the prayer's focus. Whether believing for souls, a new building or a great move of God, this book keeps the group focusing on the Word-based prayer and not the details of the fast.

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I Made It Over

ISBN 978-1-4951-7221-2


Everyone loves a good story. The best stories are the ones that inspire us and teach us how to live better lives. "I Made It Over" is that kind of story. It takes you into the life and faith of Elder James Moore, highlighting some of his most touching and enlightening experiences. From a childhood of hard work on a farm in the south to decades of fighting a battle of prejudice and hate in the workforce. If you need to know how to handle marriage, single parenting and even how to deal with trouble in your church, there is much to learn from James Moore's story of faith in God. Because he dedicated his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, he was able to overcome every obstacle in his life, and succeed. If you want to do the same, you will appreciate this stories in this memoir. So sit back, grab a nice warm cup of cocoa, and imagine you are being taught by a gracious and kind soul how to deal with this thing we call life. When you finish reading this book, you will be empowered to live better and your testimony will soon be: "I Made It Over"

More Than Just A Dreamer




"More Than Just A Dreamer" is the second part of the story of a young boy who learns how to navigate through life successfully by acting on the what he learns about prayer.  Follow his life as he goes through tough problems by meeting every challenge head-on.  He not only dreams of a great future, but he has visions of problems in the lives of others that he could help solve.  But will he?  Or will he just complain through life like so many of us... and solve nothing?