Whole and Well People of God




If you have ever battled with a major illness or watched a loved one suffer, you need to come to this very special session. This event will kick off a 90-day, Bible-based, reset program to help you get your health back.



  • Biblical Guidance for Healthy Living.

  • Practical ways to improve wellness.

  • Natural solutions to aid recovery from sickness and disorders including autoimmune disorders, cancer, diabetes, infertility, depression and more.

  • Simple methods to cleanse your body of toxins from medicines, processed food and other pollutants.

  • Group endeavor ensures success...why do it alone?

  • A Special focus on reproductive health will be addressed.

This is not a promise of a cure for diseases, but a sharing of information that can help you become healthy naturally. Be sure to bring your Bible. Churches, please contact us for group rates.


Please submit any questions you would like addressed in advance by emailing us at BeSincere@SINCEREMinistries.org. You must download the Periscope app to participate in the 90-day program.


Don't wait until a disease acts up before you take action.  Act now.

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