How to Prevent Illness... From the Inside Out

Updated: Mar 20

Viruses on our hands and surfaces are only dangerous once they enter our bodies. How can we build our bodies internally where invasive diseases won't be able to stay?

It takes a lot to convince people to make choices that will make their lives better. Too often, it's a diagnosis from a medical professional that makes us change. For some, even that is not enough to motivate us. With the pandemic crisis of the Corona Virus affecting our world right now, there are constant reminders to tell us to wash our hands, sanitize our surfaces and keep our distance from others.

Now that everything is clean and you've isolated yourself from everyone, what next? Wait for symptoms to appear and hope for the best?

Of course not. You have plenty of time to read, study, research and find out that the Corona Virus--or any other virus, is a living organism that survives in particular conditions. From what I have learned as a Wellness Advocate, I realize that there is so much more we can do besides wait. Consider the following to deduct your own logic:

1. A virus enjoys a body that is depleted of water, or what we call dehydrated.

2. Viruses thrive on acid. Sugar, meat, dairy and chemicals are great sources of food for viruses.

3. Viruses can only take over when there is an imbalance of strength in our bodies. Lack of cell-strengthening nutrients in our systems, and lack of natural sunlight turns our bodies into a welcome mat for disease.

4. Viruses and any other invaders can be affected by a flow of movement. So not exercising, not breathing in fresh, clean air and not eating and drinking regularly is the ideal circumstance for sickness.

5. A toxic system is a weak system...perfect for a virus to take over. Being full of old, sour excrement, ingested chemicals from foods, alcohol, tobacco, and absorbed chemicals from products we use on our skin and in our environment, all tax our organs to the point where our bodies simply cannot ward off or combat sickness.

6. Over-exertion and lack of rest destroys your body's chances to heal itself...making a viral attack hard to overcome.

7. Viruses cause inflammation which brings about suffering from pain, fevers, dizziness and the like.

So, with that little summary in mind, think about the changes you need to make. I can't prescribe to you what to do. I can, however, tell you what I do and what has worked for me.

1. I pay attention to my body and avoid allowing myself to get thirsty. Drinking clean water regularly is life-changing. To get used to it, drop a peppermint in the water first or even better, a peppermint leaf. Try it, it makes for a very refreshing drink. Just don't let your system dry out.

2. Pay attention to how much acidic food you are eating and create a plan where you only take in 20% acidic foods and 80% alkaline. Just look it up, but for now, know that all animal products are acidic, as are sugars. Most leafy greens are alkaline. There are vast lists available to peruse what you like. Just remember that diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline body.

3. You must eat nutrient-dense foods. Have your doctor take tests to see what nutrients you are deficient in so that you can add them. This includes seeds such as milled Flax, Chia and Hemp. Supplements should only be taken if they are derived from food and easy to absorb. If you cannot abide the taste of liquid vitamins or swallow pills, consider adding them to your smoothies. Whatever you do, feed your cells to make them strong enough to fight any virus, bacteria or whatever comes.

4. Exercise does not have to be work. It's about movement and circulation. The more your allow your body to move, the more deep breaths you take. The more deep breaths you take, the more oxygen becomes available to strengthen your muscles and cells. The flow continues as you move more vigorously, causing sweat, which is a natural way your body cleans impurities from your body. For me, my favorite exercise is swimming and then walking. Because I live in such a cold climate, being motivated to do either of those is not going to happen. So, I now love, love, love using my Rebounder, A.K.A Exercise Trampoline. It causes circulation, which helps my lymph nodes to activate and do the job of detoxing my system, builds my cardio system and has very low impact on my joints. Plus it's easy! I'll take a pain-free workout any day! Viruses won't have a chance to build up if I keep my internal fluids flowing as they should.

5. I make many of my own beauty products or find those that are made responsibly. What you put on your body is just as important as what goes in your body. I also limit the chemicals in my home, opting for essential oil diffusers instead of chemical air fresheners and using Hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, water infused with Thyme and of course, baking soda to clean. For breathing health, I keep several plants, open windows as much as I can and use a natural carbon filtered air purifier to help.

6. I honor the Sabbath. It is a gift from God as well as a command. The way He designed us, (and by the way, Scientists confirm), our bodies do their best healing and restorative work when we are at rest. So every week, take a day off from placing any demands on your body or mind. No appointments, no events, no studying, no work-outs, no work. Your life and your body will come into a place of balance when you rest regularly. Sleep, which is very different from rest, is also vital to our health. I make sure I sleep whenever I am sleepy, even if it means taking a 15 minute Power-nap.

7. If there is pain in my body I immediately turn to my natural sources of anti-inflammatory foods and resources. I love making Golden-milk from Turmeric, black pepper, olive oil and unsweetened Almond Milk. I also use Castor-oil packs, magnesium salt baths, activated charcoal, massage and coffee enemas, to name a few methods I use to take care of my health.

Of course, this is just my experience. I know what it is to have a terminal illness. I once suffered for years fighting one with 42 pills a day. I know what it is to go from doctor to doctor to doctor and only become worse. To live in indescribable pain every single day is something no one should endure.

Yet, for the 3 years I was estimated to live, here I am, 26 years later. I am a woman that now knows what it means to walk in answered prayers. God is kind and He can do anything. I wrote book about it. It's available in E-format, if you would like a copy. It's called "No Praise In The Grave".

I now understand that it is our responsibility to take care of the bodies that the Lord gave us to live in. As a result of my decision to take responsibility, I now have gone several years without so much as an over-the-counter medicine. And no, I'm not a Vegan.

This is not about medicine. I'm not a medical doctor. Medicine should be for emergencies, not as a lifestyle. The medical industry is not healthcare. Your pantry is.

This is about practicality and real prevention. Before you notice any symptoms, you should be drinking plenty of water, exercising gently, eating and expelling regularly, taking in natural sunlight and breathing in clean air.

There is so much that I have learned over the years when the medical industry failed me. I teach a information-sharing Wellness Course that goes into more detail of my journey and considering what is going on in the world right now, I am allowing the public access for free. I only ask that you share it with others. Please take time to view it when you get a chance.

I wish you well.


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